Supports the A5S as well

Now available in new V2 version!

JG Titan MKII V2 Upgrade

The "JG Titan MKII V2" upgrade allows the conversion to a direct extruder in Titan Still (Deisgn by E3D). The advantages are the precise control of the filament feed, which allows easier and clean printing of detailed parts and provides better surfaces.

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JG Titan MKII 1JG Titan MKII V2 Upgrade Kit

The Titan MKII Upgrade Kit is available as a complete kit as well as in the individual components. All components can be connected to the original connections by plugs - no soldering is necessary.

Price Kit Complete € 139,- / Stck. inkl. VAT ArtNr.: 1010-1010

JG Titan MKII V2 

Precise and powerful filament feed with 3: 1 gearbox.
€ 59,- / pc. inkl. VAT - ArtNr.: 1010-1011 )

JG Height MKII

Height adjustable IR height sensor for script-free calibration.
€ 62,- / pc. inkl. VAT ArtNr.: 1010-1012)

JG Cooler MKII

Powerful cooling due to strong quality fan with auto restart function and 360 "fan duct.
€ 39,- / pc. inkl. VAT ArtNr.: 1010-1013 )


Take full advantage of the Titan Style extruder in E3D design.

• High Feed Rate

The 3:1 ratio in combination with a Nema17 / 25 stepper with fabulous 18Ncm torque results in an enormous feed force compared to the weight.

• High Speed

Due to the low weight and the translation, large extrusion quantities and extremely fast retracts can be realized.

• High Resolution

Many extruders have problems with pulsating or very small filament flow. The 3:1 ratio triples the feed resolution and allows extremely accurate contouring at very small layer heights.

JG Height Sensor MKII

JG Height MKII

The heart of the JG Titan MKII upgrade - the mechanically height-adjustable "JG Height MKII" IR height sensor by David Crocker.

• Calibration without G-Code & Scripting

The height adjustable by an aluminum wheel IR sensor can be adjusted by + -5mm in height. The only thing you need to do is bring the Nozzle to the bed at a height of 0.5mm using the Z-axis method. Then the height sensor can simply be adjusted by turning the adjusting wheel until the red LED indicates contact.

• No temperature-related tolerances

The IR sensor is temperature insensitive to most other sensors available on the market and always delivers constant values compared to induction sensors. Thus, printing at different room temperatures or extremely different pressure temperatures without recalibration is easily possible.

JG Cooler MKII

JG Cooler MKII

The temperatures are always under control with the "JG Cooler MKII" Radial Cooler System.

• Extreme cooling performance

The high-quality 50x50x15mm Radial Cooler from the company Xinyujie with fabulous 0.2A and a maximum speed of 6500UpM can, if necessary, build up a pressure of up to 30mmH2O. The 30x30x10mm Xinyujie heater block cooler has an output of 0.15A which represents an increase of 200% compared to the original cooler and allows printing at temperatures of 260-300c with "Full Metal Hotend" * (* optional).

• Auto Restart function

Both coolers have an auto-restart function which restarts the fans at low speeds in case of a standstill.

• Backwards compatible

The "JG Cooler MKII" has the original connection for fan ducts. Thus you can use all fan ducts available for the A5 and A3S.



The 360° all-round cooling for absolutely even object cooling in every direction.

• 360° Cooling

The uniform cooling in combination with the "JG Cooler MKII" ensures optimal cooling even at high printing speeds. This enables flatter print angles and more precise overhangs when printing with material such as PLA.

• reely available STL download

You can freely download our JG F-Duct MKII from Thingiverse and print it yourself if needed.

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JG Titan MKII Upgrade Kit in Action

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