Precise & Durable - Quality PTFE tubing made in Germany

Manufactured specifically for 3D printing with 1.78mm filament, the HD Tube offers much more precise filament guidance than conventional standard PTFE tubing due to its adjusted inner diameter of 1.9mm and excellent slip and non-stick properties.

Common PTFE tubes, which usually come from the field of pneumatic control, create with their standard inner diameter of 2mm too much unnecessary clearance for the 1.78mm filament, which causes extreme tolerances in the filament feed, depending on the Bowden length. As a result, the precise control of retracts is made more difficult and the print quality is adversely affected.

The precise inner diameter of the HD Tube of 1.9mm, its high Shore hardness of 70 ShoreD as well as the excellent sliding properties and a temperature resistance up to 260°C make it the ideal upgrade for 1.78mm Bowden extruder systems with 4mm outer diamter.

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Properties (Average)Norm Din od. ASIMUnitHD Tube
Outer diameter   mm 4
Inner diameter   mm 1.9
Desnsity 53479 g/cm³ 2,14-2,19
Upper continuous service temperature without pressure load   °C 250-260
Flammability     incombustible
Water absorption 53495 % <0,01


Tear strength at 23°C 53455 N/mm² 29-39
at 150 °C 53455 N/mm² 14-20
Yield strength at 23°C 53455 N/mm² 10
Elongation at break 23°C 53455 % 200-500
Pull-E-Modul at 23°C 53457 N/mm² 400-800
Limit bending stress at 23°C 53452 N/mm² 18-20
Bend-E-Modul 53457 N/mm² 600-800
Ball indentation hardness 132/60 53456 N/mm² 25-30
Shore hardness D 53505   65-72
Friction coefficient dyn. Against steel, dry     0,05-0,1


Melting temperature ASTM 2116 °C 327
Liniear coefficient of thermal expansion   1/K·10 10-16
Thermal conductivity at 23 °C 52612 W/K·m 0,23
Specific heat at 23°C   Kj/Kg·K 1,01
Oxygen Index   % >95

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