The heart of the JG Titan MKII upgrade - the mechanically height adjustable "JG Height MKII" DC42 height sensor by David Crocker. All components can be connected to the original connections with plugs - no soldering is necessary.

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JG Height MKII SingleJG Height MKII "Single"

The JG Height MKII "Single" is simply mounted on the original printhead and connected to the motherboard - no soldering is necessary.

Price JG Height MKII "Single" € 54,- / pcs. inkl. VAT ArtNr.: 1010-1010

Optionally, you can also install these components:

JG Titan MKII V2

Precise and powerful filament feed with 3: 1 gearbox.
€ 59,- / / pcs. inkl. VAT ArtNr.: 1010-1011 )

JG Cooler MKII

Powerful cooling due to strong quality fan with Auto Restart function and 360 "fan duct.
€ 29,- / / pcs. inkl. VAT ArtNr.: 1010-1013 )

Would you prefer to use the complete JG Titan MKII V2 Kit?

JG Height Sensor MKII

JG Height MKII

The heart of the JG Titan MKII upgrade - the mechanically height-adjustable "JG Height MKII" IR height sensor by David Crocker.

• Calibration without G-Code & Scripting

The height adjustable by an aluminum wheel IR sensor can be adjusted by + -5mm in height. The only thing you need to do is bring the Nozzle to the bed at a height of 0.5mm using the Z-axis method. Then the height sensor can simply be adjusted by turning the adjusting wheel until the red LED indicates contact.

• No temperature-related tolerances

The IR sensor is temperature insensitive to most other sensors available on the market and always delivers constant values compared to induction sensors. Thus, printing at different room temperatures or extremely different pressure temperatures without recalibration is easily possible.

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